From Tony G, Industrial Strength Gym:

“Mira and I had an awesome time this past weekend training with Josh Long and Spartan Training Concepts learning about firearm safety and proper usage.

As somebody who teaches for a living, I can definitely tell the difference between someone who is a professional instructor compared to someone who is just a hobbyist but might lack in actual teaching skills/experience. Josh was definitely the former, and I would highly recommend learning from him and his team if you have the chance. He had an excellent curriculum he took us through, where each segment built thoughtfully on the previous one, and I could not believe how much we learned and RETAINED by the end of the day.

One last thing for anyone who might be interested – both Mira and I went into this course as a total beginner, having no real prior experience. I mention that because I think sometimes people think they need to have at least some sort of existing knowledge / experience base prior to signing up for a course like this, and I can tell you 100% that is NOT the case. You can go into it like we did knowing NOTHING at all, and still have a great time and learn a ton.”

From J.R. Vela, Leupold Custom Shop:


From Sgt. Jason Salter, Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office:


From Dr. Michael McCall:

I have completed 3 classes from Spartan Training Concepts and every one was a gem. The classes are well thought out and organized. Both Josh and Ian have taken the time to provide great content, direction with a well rounded and progressive challenge that is more than a take home. The challenges that you find yourself in is when you lose yourself and the training takes over. The one lesson I have learned in each class is to see what happens to me when I am in situations that I have never considered my self to be in. The gem is to know these things now and prepare then to find out when an event is occurring.

The training is superb, safe and very comprehensive. I have and will refer my friends and family to Spartan Training Concepts.

Dr. Michael McCall

From K.C. Thompson:


From George Sotiropoulos, UFC Lightweight Fighter:


From Dave Sutherland:


From Kim Beyer, Chapter Leader, The Well Armed Woman:

I took the American Defensive Pistol Course from Spartan Training Concepts and the course was fabulous…all I can say is WOW! Personally, I feel that anyone carrying a firearm should have to go through a combat, defensive type of training not only to be able to shoot well, but to develop their confidence as a shooter in a defensive situation. This training will take you outside the box and introduce you to a new way of thinking and utilizing your skills. As Josh told me, “Keep an open mind and just roll with the class and see what you think”. My thoughts you ask? GIVE ME MORE!!!
Josh and Ian will train you the way you should be trained; they open the mind of the person who is serious and wants to protect their family and friends from deadly threats. They are incredible at what they do. This was a higher level of training than I have ever had and what I learned is that I definitely need more training. They taught me to reach for a higher level of speed and accuracy while moving, dealing with objects in my way, and still be able to focus on my surroundings for bad guys.

Ian is a wonderful trainer. He is focused, driven, and intense, he is…well, AWESOME! If you follow his instructions, listen intently, and focus on what he says, you will be amazed at how he can help you develop your shooting skills to be smooth, efficient, and accurate. Ian isn’t there to hold your hand or baby step you through; he is intent on making you learn to be the best defensive shooter you can.

Josh is amazing; his drive to educate his students in a combat scenario is absolutely incredible. He has passion for what he does and you can see it in the way he and Ian train. From stance, grip, and trigger, Josh will make adjustments while teaching you the drills. He is not afraid to get right in there with you and tweak just a bit in order to perfect your shooting; he has no fear. I knew I would learn from this class, but I didn’t know to what extent and how educational it would actually be.

These two gentlemen gave me a new perspective in my training and put me into situations where I had to utilize my thought process in order to survive. You guys rock – you got my adrenaline flowing, you helped me fix some bad habits and I highly recommend Spartan Training Concepts to everyone because you never know when or where something bad might take place. If you are going to carry a firearm you need practical self-defense training to develop your skills to not only be better prepared for whatever comes but to have the confidence in your skills to protect yourself or the life of others.

Thank you for the opportunity to grow and learn. This training was invaluable and if things ever go down, I want to be in your corner…when is the next class???

Kim Beyer
Clackamas Chapter Leader
The Well-Armed Woman


From Greg Sakos:



I’ve been a police officer for 18 years, and during that time, I’ve been involved in numerous armed and unarmed encounters, I’m also a lifetime practitioner of various combat systems and a defensive tactics instructor for my department. I’ve been training with Josh Long for the past five years and have found his system to be street effective, easy to learn and comprehensive.

Josh has a natural gift for teaching and truly understands the dynamics of violent encounters. I have benefited immensely from his instruction. 

Paul Parker
Portland Police Bureau

I took a class with Josh in 2014, although the class was small I was impressed with his ability to adapt to the different skill levels of students. Although I was a novice then and still consider myself to be a far from perfect shooter, I was ahead of the other students in the class at the time. Josh went back and forth between all of us, taking it more slowly with other students, and adapting the drills to my skill level so I too could benefit from the class. Josh is committed to what he does, he doesn’t just talk the talk. He constantly trains not only with firearms but also in hand to hand combat. I would recommend Josh to any student with an open mind who has the drive to improve.


Thomas Crumpacker

I have personally worked and trained with Mr. Josh Long. His performance and instructional techniques are exemplary and on par with training I received in the U.S. Navy. As an instructor myself, it is important to achieve a level of understanding for what each student needs as an individual, so that correlation, association, understanding, and learning can be achieved. Mr. Long is a humble, patient, respectful and concise instructor. In my experience, he is a true master of his art and what I have learned from him is invaluable. I highly recommend Mr. Long and Spartan Training Concepts to all types of individuals seeking to better themselves through his training curriculum. Regardless of the end goal, be it personal, professional, contract oriented, or otherwise… you will not be disappointed.

-PO3 Sutherland

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I have known Josh Long for a few years as both a student, instructor, and friend.  His dedication to learning is unmatched among the thousands of students I have instructed in the art of firearms.  As a friend, he is humble, loyal, and keeps things in clear perspective.Having also been trained by Josh in unarmed martial arts, he explains concepts clearly, concisely, and effectively.

Josh has a true gift of explaining his advanced knowledge so that students of all experience levels can understand.  Although he has mastery of his material, his communication is that of a peer rather than superior.  That is the hallmark of a true scholar, warrior, and teacher.  Josh is a teacher in the very essence of the word.  He enjoys seeing people succeed more than gaining personal accolades.

I would recommend training with Josh Long to any of my associates, students, and peers.  Anyone, regardless of knowledge or experience can benefit from his insight, philosophy, and instruction.  If you are looking for a learning environment that incorporates practical techniques, useful skills, and confidence-boosting motivation from a quiet professional, Josh Long is the instructor I recommend.


Reid Henrichs

Valor Ridge