Tactical Medical

Whether you carry a firearm or not, basic traumatic medical care is essential to every American who cares about saving lives. This one day, eight-hour tactical medical course will cover how to learn the warrior mindset, form an immediate action plan, perform self-treatment, stop massive hemorrhaging, treat airway injuries, and keep the patient alive, all while under fire in our shoot house. You and others will assume rolls in scenarios which each will live or die depending on what actions are taken within the first critical seconds. Several of our students have already saved a life after taking this course.  

Some of the Topics covered in this Course:

  • IFAK set up
  • Security in a threat situation
  • Formulating an Immediate Action plan
  • Trauma assessment
  • Treatment of major hemorrhages, sucking chest wounds, blocked airways etc.
  • Causality evacuation

Items needed:

  • Knee & Elbow pads
  • Loose work clothing
  • Belt
  • Pen and pad
  • Glock 17 holster(loaners available)

This is a 1 day course $200.00127512016-03-08 10.24.38