Tactical Medical

Our Tactical Medical Course is structured to prepare you to provide Immediate Acton Medical care in a hostile environment. Whether it be yourself in need of medical attention or someone else, you must be ready to form an Immediate Action Plan and perform  Rapid Trauma Assessment & Treatment. Your life or theirs will be saved by the Medical Treatment you perform to stabilize until Medics arrive. Although this course is structured around a Hot zone treating gunshot & knife wounds, the skills learned in this course are applicable in any life threatening medical emergency.

Some of the Topics covered in this Course:

  • IFAK set up
  • Security in a threat situation
  • Formulating an Immediate Action plan
  • Trauma assessment
  • Treatment of major hemorrhages, sucking chest wounds, blocked airways etc.
  • Causality evacuation

Items needed:

  • Knee & Elbow pads
  • Loose work clothing
  • Belt
  • Pen and pad
  • Glock 17 holster(loaners available)

This is a 1 day course $200.00127512016-03-08 10.24.38