Post SHTF Rural High Threat Counter Tracking / Evasion with Booby Trap Detection and Identification

Whether you are an individual or a team operating in a High Threat Rural Environment, this course will provide you with the skills to utilize the terrain to your advantage to evade, slow or offensively engage your pursuers.
We will cover basic counter tracking, patrolling, use of terrain, reaction to contact and booby trap detection and identification among other things.  
Equipment needed:
1. Fighting Rifle with a sling minimum of 6 magazines
2. Fighting Pistol with a minimum of 3 magazines
3. 500 rounds of quality rifle ammo
4. 50 rounds of quality pistol ammo
5. Backpack
6. Heavy Duty belt and holster .
7. eye & ear protection
8. flashlight
9. knife
10. compass
11. binoculars (optional)
12. Ghillie  (optional)
13. Camo face paint


This is a 2 day live fire course $500.00