Hostile Pursuit Man Tracking Conducted By TYR Group

This is a 5 day in the field course structured for Military & Law Enforcement but open to all legal Citizens.
Although some of the tracking techniques taught in this course are applicable to S&R make no mistake, this is an aggressive Tactical man tracking course. You will operate as a tracking team throughout the course, engaging in multiple Force on Force training scenarios.
Some of the topics covered are. Visual Tracking, Rolls of the tracking team, team formations, booby trap & IED detection, lost track drills, processing the scene, Immediate Action drills, downed Operator drills

Items needed:

  • Load bearing gear
  • Backpack
  • Knife
  • Compass and or GPS
  • AR Rifle ( no ammunition )
  • Hand held light
  • Measuring tape
  • All-weather gear & BDU’s
  • Over night camping gear for base camp

This is a 5 day course TBD