Active Shooter with basic Medical

Keeping with the tradition of STC & realistic training, this course is just that!

In a world where we never know where or when an active shooter could strike, we must be prepared for it at all times. This two-day, sixteen-hour course will cover: the warrior mindset, the psychology of an active shooter, addressing the threat, safe-guarding innocent people, clearing buildings by yourself, applying tourniquets, and what to do after the threat is down and police are on their way. We do this all in our shoot house in scenario-based  events with role players to enhance the training environment. You don’t want the first time you face an active shooter to be in a real deadly force encounter. Our shoot hose provides you with a safe place to learn to fight,win, and treat the wounded. You will leave this course ready to live, or die, a hero.

Items needed:

  • Glock 17 or 19 holster ( loaners available )
  • Belt20160920_091914
  • Eye & ear  protection
  • Full length loose clothing & gloves
  • Personal Trauma kit (if you have one)
  • Survival Mindset
    This is a 2 day course, ammunition included  $450.00