American Rifleman

Our heritage as Americans is not only to be riflemen, but to be proficient in small unit tactics. This course is the first step in building the core of your complete toolbox. Whether you find yourself defending the homeland from an invading army, or your home from criminals, you need a rifle and training. This two-day sixteen-hour course covers: the warrior mindset, manipulating the rifle, clearing malfunctions, use of cover, moving while shooting, dealing with casualties, and using a rifle in a team. A trained rifleman can maneuver and overcome any enemy in any terrain or environment. It was riflemen who won our freedom, and it will be American riflemen who preserve it.      

Items needed:

  • Magazine fed carbine Rifle with a sling
  • Minimum of 3 magazines  and a way to carry them
  • Pistol with belt, Holster & extra magazine
  • Eye & ear protection
  • Cleaning supplies
  • All-weather gear
  • 200 rounds of pistol ammunition & 1000 rounds of Rifle ammunition

This is a 2 day course $400.00fb_img_1465944778665