American Precision Rifle

Moving forward from our American Rifleman class, this class now focuses directly on precision marksmanship in realistic compromising conditions.  This is not a long range class but is the class to prepare you for it. You must first master rifle range precision shooting before truly mastering any long range shooting. As Clint Smith has always told me, ” Don’t shoot fast, shoot good.”  I fully believe that if you have a rifle for defensive purposes, it is your duty to be able to make a precision rifle range hostage shot in any condition. What if that hostage was a loved one? Anything less is an unacceptable waste of the rifle’s capabilities.
Instructed by a former Marine Scout Sniper combat veteran and Scout Sniper instructor. 
Items needed:
Magazine fed or bolt gun (308 or smaller caliber) with low powered scopes or red dots with magnifier.
500 rounds of rifle ammo, match grade 
Extra magazines 
Eye and ear protection 
Note pad
Cleaning supplies 
All weather gear
2 day class $400