American Defensive Pistol

Thomas Jefferson said, “Let the gun be the constant companion on your walks.” We agree with him, but if you are going to carry a pistol it is your responsibility to train to fight with it. We don’t face the conditions on a static range on a daily basis. We live in a three-dimensional world with various people and things all around us. Gunfights mean bullets will be hitting people, pistols will malfunction, and people or things you don’t want to shoot will be constantly in your line of fire. This two-day, sixteen-hour course covers the warrior mindset, proper draw, malfunction clearing, shooting on the move, use of cover, applying tourniquets, and what to do after the smoke has cleared and the police are on their way. 
Items needed:

      • Pistol with 3 magazines
      • Belt
      • Eye & ear protection
      • Cleaning supplies
      • All-weather gear
      • Pen & notepad


    • 1000 + rounds of pistol ammunition20160731_130815

This is a 2 day course $400.00

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